Sarah Züst
this is the online documentation of my graduation project "In de Loop der Tijd".

It documents all the three points of interest that this projects contains;
- my artistic field research at the codarts dance academy in rotterdam. (sept 2012 - jan 2013)

- theoretical / critical studies with its fundamentals in the philosophical thoughts of the phenomenology of perception.

- art works that I created out of the inspiration of the artistic field research and the theoretical / critical studies + the graduation art piece „In de Loop der Tijd; the sonic architecture installation“.
Sarah Züst creates, observes, perceives,
(de/re) constructs and structures space.

Having been born in Switzerland, she has been living in the Netherlands for the past two years. Whilst here she developed a fascination of how much the environment influences human beings, how we perceive the space around us through our own body and how we find
orientation within the space.

Shaped by a previous education as a draughtsman and two years of studying design her installations, architectonical compositions and constructed situations have an abstract and raw embodiment with a focus on shape, materiality and setting. Yet the origin is always a reflection on personal memories, stories and her perception of the world around her.

Her experiments with soundscapes and
compositions are raw and guided with a
narrative line throughout.

This layered approach has it’s fundamentals in the philosophical thoughts of Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau-Ponty and furthermore is inspired by the International Situationists, writers as George Perec, architects as Peter Zumthor and musicians as John Cage.
In de Loop der TijdSarah Z., Rotterdam
  1. In de Loop der Tijd
    Sarah Z., Rotterdam

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